Heritage School for the New Generations
The project is implemented by the Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia (ZZMS), as a leading partner, the Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Slovenija (ZVKDS), the University of Primorska- Faculty of humanities (UP FHŠ), the School Center Škofa Loka- Secondary School of Wood Engineering (ŠCŠL SŠL), Ivan Grohar Primary School (OŠIG), Municipality of Škofja Loka  (OBŠL) and the Norwegian organization MAGMA Geopark AS (MAGMA).

With the project, we want to bring cultural heritage closer to teachers and thus indirectly to the students themselves; the cultural heritage in the area is rapidly disappearing, adapting to new, foreign trends and in some places being transformed beyond recognition, while traditional skills and old knowledge are being lost to oblivion, along with various traditional professions; and last but not least, the very identity of our space is gradually being lost.

The main goal of the project, is establishing an inter-institutional environment and learning practices for a more planned education of new generations in elementary school about the cultural heritage itself and also the process of renovation of buildings, as important competencies and values ​​for life and work in the 21st century.

Together with our partners, we have analyzed curricula and activity days in Slovenia and Norway, and together we are developing a new innovative method of teaching cultural heritage content in primary schools with cross-curricular connections.

The method will be tested through non-invasive research based on neurological testing of children’s emotional and cognitive responses to teaching about cultural heritage.

We will prepare manuals for teachers according to the class division witin 9 year primary scholl classes with opened acess teaching preparations and a “heritage chest” of didactic aids,  adapted to the existing and future teaching contents of compulsory and optional subjects, with an emphasis on cultural heritage, and we will also conduct workshops for additional teacher training .