Together with pupils and teachers from the Ivan Grohar Primary School in Škofja Loka, we tested new teaching materials, which are prepared on a multidisciplinary level and include examples from cultural heritage.

18 lessons were tested, 2 in each class. Of these, one is always in art, and the others can be in maths, environmental studies, technology, home economics, history or even computing. The lessons are, as a first step, designed on a multidisciplinary level, meaning that although the teacher deals with the topic in mathematics, the lesson is linked to the art education class lesson and to the topic from the art curriculum, or from a third subject, all with the aim of creating a more plasticity and a deeper understanding of the new topic, which is explained using examples from the field of immovable cultural heritage.
The response of the students was above expectations, especially in the creative part of the lesson and in the use of newly designed didactic tools aimed at presenting the topic as clearly as possible.
For primary school teachers we will organize a worksop on how to integrate and implemnt new lessons in the classroom. The worksop will take place on 21. On March 2024, we will present 18 new learning preparations, along with new teaching aids and learning tools, at the Škofja Loka Learning Lab.

We invite you to watch a video glimpse of our school leesons.