Approaching a new learning practice

Events and workshops to develop, promote and embed teaching practices based on immovable cultural heritage in the primary school classroom.


For primary school professionals

Consultation workshop

12 October 2022

Primary school teachers exchanged their good practices and learned about existing Slovenian and Norwegian practices of introducing cultural heritage into the curricula of individual subjects.

Cultural heritage workshop

25 October 2023

Primary school professionals were provided with expert information and examples of the integration of cultural heritage in primary school lessons, focusing on built heritage and the professions and skills related to the preservation of our heritage.

New Learning Practice Workshop

21 March 2024, forecast

A workshop for primary school teachers will be held in the premises of the teaching laboratory at Mestni trg 35, Škofja Loka, to introduce the new teaching practice with a practical demonstration of how lessons are taught.




Working with the professional community

First meeting of the Consultative Group

5 July 2023

The members of the Consultative Group; representatives of ministries, educational institutions and other relevant institutions, provided their opinions, suggestions and guidance in the preparation of 18 teaching preparations and didactic pro-points for the new teaching practice.

Second meeting of the Consultative Group

7,March 2024

At the second meeting, the members of the Consultative Group visited the renovated premises, the didactic aids, the e-materials and the completed teaching preparations, and exchanged their views and valuable experiences.


Promoting new learning practices

1.Press conference

Škofja Loka

With a conference at the Municipality of Škofja loka, we presented the project to the media and the neurological testing of children, which took place at the same time at the Ivan Grohar Primary School.



2.Press conference

5 June 2023 koper

A conference at the University for the Humanities was held to present the background of the project to the media, as well as the project activity that took place on the same day at the Archaeological Park in Simon’s Bay.

Closing event

18 April Škofja loka, forecast

The programme for the general public, primary school staff and project stakeholders will take place at the Sokol House in Škofja Loka. The presentation of the project results to the media and the public will be the final event of the project.