For the implementation of the new teaching practice, experts from ZVKDS and UP FHŠ, with the support of teachers from the Ivan Grohar Elementary School and the Škofja Loka School Center, will design various materials and didactic aids needed for a high-quality lessons. Content of the lessons will be presented with the help of examples of cultural heritage and renovation skills.

A set of open teaching materials, sets of methods and suggestions for teaching aids will be combined into manuals for teachers supported by a set of didactic aids with interactive materials.

The manuals will be designed for each primary school trimester and will thus enable the implementation of the lesson in the classroom, trough e-teaching or in the field in the local environment.

Teachers will be able to implement the lessons with the supportd of  the following aids:
–  three manuals with 18 open learning preparations, one manual for each triad
– one manual for carrying out a day of activities with the inclusion of cultural heritage
– three sets of interactive materials for distance learning
–  sets of didactic aids – didactic aids will be presented in so called heritage chests